If you are a business person who seeks outside help and high quality assistance during his busy life, we are ready to help you.

More than just luxury, Ritzy Concierge Service is a practical and convenient way to help you save time, increase efficiency and revitalize your current lifestyle. We are an international representative of personal and corporate concierge services, and our personal concierge program has been designed to improve your lifestyle both at work and at home, while at the same time providing you with everything you want. If you can think about it, we can make it happen. Ritzy Concierge has the experience and resources to make your wishes come true.


Using our professional relationships with thousands of international partner companies, Ritzy Concierge specialists have the resources and knowledge to fulfill any request for your requirements. Our personal concierge program is ideal for an individual or family that requires excellent personalized service for any needs. From completing basic household tasks to servicing your charter yacht, our staff finds inspiration in understanding the needs of each individual client and ensures your complete satisfaction.


Some examples of how Ritzy Concierge can improve your lifestyle:

  • Access to VIP events
  • Real estate services
  • Private travel
  • Planning and booking events
  • Organization of trips and travel
  • Support services and business consulting
  • Leisure
  • Personal services and assistance
  • Restaurant services and booking



  • Exclusive leisure and entertainment
  • Romantic services
  • SPA services
  • Help in choosing gifts, as well as flower delivery
  • Meeting guests, organizing business meetings
  • Personal shopping assistant who will help you choose purchases in stores or buy everything you need yourself;
  • Help in finding a kindergarten or a private school suitable for your children;
  • Search for professionals to facilitate your life: nanny, maid, cleaning woman, security guard, etc.

The current needs of customers throughout the year are varied and unexpected: personal, family or business. Delegation of personal tasks is very difficult, as it requires maximum confidence, absolute confidentiality and high-quality implementation. A personal concierge is a reliable professional at your disposal, allowing you to focus on what is really important to you. Meeting your daily needs, we will also give you access to exclusive services and renowned specialists. Buying a personal concierge subscription, you buy not only time for yourself and your loved ones, but also a way of life.

In the life of any person there is nothing more important than a family. Therefore, for each of us, the minutes spent with our relatives are worth their weight in gold. Our experts will save you time so that you can devote it to your family, and not spend it on laundry, shopping and cleaning. 

Our services are designed specifically to help you fully meet basic needs and have the time you can spend with your loved ones.

  • Relocation services;
  • Security and protection;
  • Gardening, maintenance of the pool;
  • Drivers, valets, housekeepers;
  • Installer, electrician, carpenter, mechanic;
  • Cleaning services;
  • Tailoring services;
  • Personal chef;
  • - Pet services, veterinary services;
  • - Auto services: towing, reparation, registration.

From the choice of a tutor, a teacher of piano or horse riding lessons, we will take care of the most valuable thing - your children.

  • Tutoring in piano, dancing, acting, foreign languages, school subjects and so on.
  • Help in finding a kindergarten or private school suitable for your children, in the country and in the world;
  • Leisure: cultural, sports, creative activities
  • Babysitting service
  • Transfers to / from school / kindergarten


Since we know how important your time is, your personal assistant will offer the best activities in accordance with the preferences and budget of your family.

  • Hobbies: photography, feng shui, gardening, painting, cooking and much more;
  • Sports: martial arts, tennis, horseback riding, chess and much more;
  • Art consultations, auctions, exhibitions;
  • Reservations and tickets for exclusive, sports, cultural events in the country and abroad;
  • Reservations at famous restaurants in the country and abroad.


Expressing love and friendship through gifts is an art form. We will take care to come up with gift ideas for your loved ones.

  • Assistance in the selection and purchase of individual gifts;
  • Gift delivery.

Traveling is always something individual and we understand that everyone has their own preferences. We strive to provide each client with access to unusual events and exclusive events around the world. Concierge services are personalization, direct contact with service providers, 24/7 round-the-clock support.

  • The organization of personalized vacations: golf, hunting, SPA, skiing, etc .;
  • Organization of thematic holidays;
  • Rent of private jets, yachts, boats, helicopters;
  • Airport services, drivers and limousines;
  • Accommodation services, air tickets.

Our customers love to travel with style. From providing the most exclusive private services of drivers and limousines to VIP services at the airport or private jets, so you can travel in privacy and comfort. We will arrange everything that you need.

  • Transfers, limousine drivers - for private transfers for you and guests;
  • Test drive on any cars you want.

Private holidays range from small family parties to larger and more eventful celebrations. Regardless of how you dream to hold your party, we will turn it into reality.

  • Organization of anniversaries, buffets, cocktail parties;
  • Suggestions by location, logistics;
  • Invitation of famous artists, musicians;
  • Conferences, trainings, seminars;
  • Business meetings.

Presentation of the beauty of a city or country to your foreign guests often requires more time and quality information. We take care of creating special moments for your guests, making them extraordinary for them.

  • Tourist guides;
  • Excursions in the city, tourist routes in the country;
  • Reservations at famous restaurants in the country and around the world.