A personal help or personal assistant is a person performing the functions of an assistant secretary or assistant of the head of the organization or other individuals engaged in the respective position.

Ritzy Concierge is your personal assistant in Moldova and around the world. We are your personal assistant on any subject. We are always at your disposal. A personal assistant is someone who helps the general manager of a company or a busy businessman in daily activities. 

It is expected that the personal assistant will be able to think ahead, which means that he must foresee the need of his superior even before he has said this; in addition, he must foresee events and any force majeure situations, as well as eliminate them quickly and imperceptibly. 

What can a personal assistant do for yo

  • Take care of your calendar
  • To remind you of meetings, calls and other important events
  • Organize your trip by choosing and booking hotels and tickets
  • Send documents by fax, mail or e-mail


  • Search for any necessary information
  • Carry out staff recruitment
  • Shop for you online
  • Receive and process correspondence and emails
  • Congratulate your employees on holidays on your behalf
Staff member VS Personal assistant from Ritzy Concierge
"On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike"
Staff member
Personal assistant from Ritzy Concierge
You have to spend your precious time to check the tasks imposed on the employee
We ourselves control and check the work of a personal assistant - you always get a quality result
You pay him a salary
You only pay for the result and for the number of completed tasks
You pay taxes for the employee
You do not need to pay taxes for the employee
An employee may get sick, go on sick leave or maternity leave
A personal assistant will never get sick and will always be available, since we have the staff of professionals you need
You can not be sure of the safety of personal data, and will worry about the disclosure of information among the subordinates
We are responsible for the confidentiality of information, so you can be confident in maintaining corporate secrecy
It is necessary to organize the working area of ​​the employee and provide him with the necessary accessories
Personal assistant does not need equipped workplace, because he has all the necessary accessories with him
If you are not comfortable working with an employee - you should look for a new one, spend your time, and also train him again
You can at any time replace the assistant with another assistant from our staff